Saturday Catch-up: Weinstein, R. Kelly, and Art vs. Artists

With Weinstein turning himself in, remind yourself of the still unpunished horror show that is R. Kelly. Jim DeRogatis was on the NYT’s Popcast this week talking about his long running coverage of the allegations against R. Kelly. If you haven’t already, see his Buzzfeed work in particular. It is shocking. Beyond the story itself … Continue reading Saturday Catch-up: Weinstein, R. Kelly, and Art vs. Artists


Principles and Components

W. Brian Arthur told the a16z podcast that you always need to look for the principles AND the components. Principles are the guiding insights, but components are the technologies, or whatever thing organizes those principles into a functional product. The way pixels work (principles) allows for a TV to give you that HD picture (components). … Continue reading Principles and Components

Sunday Music: Music for Leaving the Mall

They named it "Suzanne," but maybe "Alexa" would have been more prescient. To this day, I can't walk into a mall without wanting to state, "I love the smell of commerce in the morning," or leave that same mall without hearing this song. Good job Kevin Smith. I won't get all sentimental about Weezer unless … Continue reading Sunday Music: Music for Leaving the Mall

Saturday Catch-Up: Network Effects

W. Brian Arthur was recently on the a16z podcast talking technology and economics. If you're not familiar with him or his work, hearing him talk to Sonal Chokshi and Mark Andreesen isn't exactly a bad place to start. Arthur explains for any technology to work, you'll need both the principles and the components. Innovators are … Continue reading Saturday Catch-Up: Network Effects